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I'm a fortunate man.

Jim Berry PhotographyFor 20 years, I've worked as a photographer. I started in college, shooting for The University of Washington Daily and, almost instantly, fell in love with making pictures. Actually, it was more of a love for meeting interesting people. So many incredible people have invited me their lives,  told me their stories , and allowed me to photograph them at their best and worst. It really is a great gift to do this work.

For the first 10 years of my career, I was on staff with newspapers such at The Seattle Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Albuquerque Tribune. I was the team photographer for The Seattle Supersonics and worked on staff for The Goodwill Games as well. I've photographed presidents and hung from helicopters. I've shot T-ball games and Rose Bowls. I've shot in hospital emergency rooms, kindergarten classrooms, and maximum-security prisons.

I was accepted into New York University's graduate film program and lived in NYC for 6 years where I freelanced for NYU's Photo Bureau, worked for The Whitney Museum as the chief event and program photographer, and shot for magazines like Time Out New York, Spin, Shape, INC, Rolling Stone and Der Speigel. I also started shooting for Red Letter Events in New York, one of the city's premier wedding planners and shot dozens of weddings and events for them. Four years ago, I started advertising to photograph weddings and haven't looked back.

Along the way, I've photographed for corporations and agencies including the NFL and NBA, Microsoft, Scholastic, Weyerhaeuser, The Discovery Channel, Swarovski, Ace Hardware, Aegis Living, Red Mango and Habitat For Humanity.

My editorial and corporate work can be seen at jimberryphotography.com.

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Tel  323.620.3329